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Transient voyage

98 x 52 x 30 cm

Transient Voyage dark totale 5.jpg

Sunday,  June 31st. 2019

Indeed, stranded I am. Please refrain from comments  if you can.

Owl portrait 3 rss.jpg
Books 1 DSC_0680.jpg
Book stack DSC_0699.jpg

The heap of books are weathered yellow pages and telephone books. In bygone days

these were left underneath people’s mailboxes. The books fluttered and rustled in the wind, 

swollen by rain, faded by sun; their shape transformed wearily. 

Transient information turned into a symbol of life. In tatters that what we knew.

logbook 3d L.jpg

Also in tatters that what once could have mattered, a technical logbook bound in aluminum plates; inside, a sticker of the Voyager, Mojave airport. What it really concerned is hard to tell. There is not much logged in, it was never really used, never further cared for.

Zakdoekje DSC_0676.jpg
Foot 2DSC_0690rs.jpg

Just leave me, my own voyage has almost ended, my attempt to avoid the collision was futile. 

owl starling hair 0736 B.jpg
Starling hair rss.jpg

Oh yes, you Starling bring it on, your metal-tipped dark swirls of horse hair, twisting and splitting. Should I wonder what it means, that wich you bring?  Perhaps I already know.

When night falls, you‘ll drop them on me with laughter, just go ahead.

I tell you, my heart was ripped out, so I can't care anyway.

hair tip 1.jpg

II’ll bind these strands on my feet as jesses, so someone can catch me once more. 

Transient voyage box in museum.jpg

The owl was found close to the abandoned house. Young he was, struck by a truck. 

Heart ripped out by a vulture perhaps. I put mine in.

owl portrait sq.jpg
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