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Mechanical  flight attempt 

52 x 33 x 18 cm

Flight attempt totaleDSC_0176rs.jpg

July 10, 2004


Allez! mon ami! Faster! Try harder! The spinning bar will throw you up into the air. Flap  your wings more!  Push!  I swear it will work. Really!

Instructor DSC_0178 rs.jpg
feet DSC_0179rs.jpg
top viewDSC_0189rs.jpg

Close by on the airport in Mojave is the Bone Yard, a place where old planes get deboned, scrapped.  Captain Potter, with his dog named Whiskey, was in charge of several mothballed jets. Florian Film filmed him for their documentary about Perry Rhodan, a German comic book character. They also filmed a scene in my studio, they thought it all was “far out” here.

Captain Potter on the boneyard.jpg
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