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Ice Coyote

25 x 40 x 15 cm

Ice coyote top view 1sm2.jpg

December 16th. 2008

This is a box you look down into.

Icy wind, wind gusts over 60 mph, still we have to continue. Stories have been told to us. We have special detectors, we brought our binoculars.  We have been sent here, not knowing what to look for.

Several days we have been probing the ice.

Ice coyote scientist DSC_0122_01.JPG

Soon we will understand when we find Coyote frozen into the thick ice. 

Then we will be afraid, because we know a ceremony is needed if someone catches "coyote illness”. The ceremony restores the patient's harmonious relationship with Coyote and the world and thus ensures a return to good health.

Ice coyote eyeDSC_0120_01rs.jpg

We also know : Navajo legends indicate the Coyote can be a bad omen if seen while on a journey. They say to turn back if you see a coyote in your path, otherwise you may meet a terrible fate!

Ice coyote machine DSC_0124_01 rs.jpg

We walked along the Quail lake, scattering some ashes from our beloved dog Tesla.

She was killed by a car, someone had left the gate wide open. We saw a coyote crossing our path it was dark colored, swift and silent, it was as if the feet were not touching the road. Swoosh...

 We thought we saw a ghost, her spirit.

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