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29 x 39 x 20 cm

Stare Totale 3.jpg
portrait 1 DSC_0454.jpg
portrait and backDSC_0445.jpg
shoes DSC_0470.JPG
weights left DSC_0462.JPG

Saturday,  February 29th. 2020


We beg for storm,

the wind is here.

We have no time to stare.


Cover me, we will break the crust.

Oh, these wasp nests and moth cocoons, 

they killed the hive.


Bees crawl out, the wind is here. 

We have no time to stand and stare,

do trust me, don’t blindly stare.

Soon the storm is here.


Take the locks of hair, 

what is life if we don’t care.

We’ll stand our way.



The wind died down,

we blindly stare.

feet DSC_0460.jpg
Stare DSC_0493.jpg
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