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Lost wing

33 x 72 x 20 cm

Pigeon totale DSC_0774.jpg

Thursday, December 30st.  2021

I was wondering, who had lost this wing, you perhaps ?  I will give it to you, just let me know if you want it back. I’ll do everything to keep it alive, I am infusing it with my own blood. 

I bled myself, inject it in, I have plenty.

portrait Pigeon.jpg
Needle pigeon.jpg

I think I also have light. I’ll reveal only to you that I tried in ancient mysterious ways to fill the glass globes, some call these the elements of Sephiroth, but that is something I can not fully understand. I tried to fill these with light, with my soul. That didn’t work, I am not so powerful to shatter them and thus create fractures, fractured light, as if fractured light becomes more light. Although I don’t think it does so.

It is just what I put in, that will be dispersed.  As I said my power is not great enough. My helpers know this, and they frown upon my naiveté. 

Birdy on the cup.jpg
Lower vessel DSC_0796.jpg

I tried also to fill the glass globes with memories, memories of more radiant times. These are behind me.  Still my memories do swirl around me, wilted, yes these are.  But I know them as once being lively and I can tell you I will revive these again. 

I am a pigeon, modest maybe I am, but I can shimmer, I can for sure shine when the light hits my purple and green coat just right. Just notice that.

Lately it rained ashes, many times it has done so. Time does that. You know.  I know.

Glass tube.jpg

Let me dust you off, you have lost a wing, I have one for you, let me give this to you,

let me start attaching this wing. I have courage, sometime it wavers, you know who gave me that?  Ah, of course you don’t, how could you. But it was a snake, a rattle snake, that goes way back in time, but I will never forget. The snake told me, no, not to eat the apple, no, the snake said, swallow your worries, you heart will be more calm with doing so. And I followed this advice, good advice, you see a snake is not just there to lure you in.  That snake’s esophagus I have.  He said take that when I am done. I did, just to keep his advice in mind. 

birdy on chair.jpg

I will experiment more with my idea of filling the globes with lighter memories,

despite my lovely little house finch's musing about my bucket filled with failed attempts.

And ah, my other friend, that other finch is just annoyed with me.   I don’t mind to be naive.

It might work. Sorry dear ones, I’ll go on, I won’t give up now. 

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