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Dark Lion 

27 x 60 x 16 cm

Totale Dark Lion DSC_0250 rs.jpg

May 12th. 2007

He is standing in the dark shed, ”Look! I took your wings!”.

He won’t let the duck speak up. The duck sees and knows, there is nowhere to go anymore. He’ll have to stay. The floating House breathes out, a puffy bellow of breath, a sigh, a worried sigh.

portrait dark lion sharpDSC_0277 rs.jpg
Dark lion figure totalDSC_0290rs.jpg
hand rsDSC_0299.jpg
house seedDSC_0310.jpg

The Dark Lion guy's head looks a bit like a lion, it is an owl pellet, I just added a shield (part of a fish)  two yellow pins as eyes. His hands are bound with strings. He does love his duck.  

Coyotes, hawks and vultures hunt at the lake close by, occasionally someone catches a duck.

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