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53 x 55 x 34 cm

Friday,  November 8th. 2019

This dark place, where I found her, was her home for a short time. Before that she lived in a grand tower, high up, it even has a balcony.  Time past, events took place, she found herself confined. When she didn't manage to escape, she laid down her tools, and bowed her head. Her soul died.

flags 2 DSC_0933.jpg
kneecaps DSC_0968.jpg

One day, around noon, a gentle figure appeared in the doorway and looked around in wonder.  With a hesitant step he walked inside, into the room where her tools lay, where her old Polish icon of the Madonna was still watching over her.  Or was she?  I am not sure.

man maddona flag DSC_0941.jpg
owl face RTrs.jpg
little guy DSC_0998.jpg

Someone was already eyeing her belongings.

owl and little guy3  DSC_0916.jpg

At the same time an irresistible force filled her void, where this came from I can only guess. 

owl ball 3 DSC_0960.jpg

Moments later,  she did break away.  

owl back foot DSC_0885.jpg
Owl Front foot DSC_0880.jpg
Owl paper DSC_0884.jpg
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