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87 x 46 x 35 cm

Hawk museum darkDSC_0412 rs.jpg

March 10th. 2019

I am hooded. That doesn’t calm me. 

hawk head capDSC_0364 rs.jpg
Hawk side view DSC_0355 rs.jpg
hawk claws DSC_0378 rs.jpg
Hawk right drawer top view DSC_0342 rs.j
clawand glass DSC_0333 rs.jpg
hawk and r drawer 2ret rs.jpg

I am hooded.  No, that doesn’t comfort me. That doesn’t comfort or calm me at all.

It is supposed to. My hawk eyes covered, my heart is pounding.

Why did they hood me?  I can guess.

You entered the room, I heard the drawer sliding,

Yeah, you can tie me down now, take my blood. I am not guilty.

Your will is not mine.

hawk in museum DSC_0416 copy rs rt3.jpg
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