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Totale frog man DSC_0136.JPG

Frog man

45 x 31 x 22 cm

Frog and soldiers DSC_0138 rs.jpg
 frog man portrait DSC_0144rs.jpg
frog mand bending over man
bug in hand DSC_0151_01rs.jpg

August 3rd. 2003

A long time ago I found these frogs in the basement, a large family. The draught was too much for these Anaxyrus boreas boreas’es. The birdman will disrupt the gathering of the lingering guys, he brings in a big fat water bug. That will teach them! His army of frogs will assist the bird man in chasing away these fellows. Birdman has his commands, he obeys. Whom?  Sorry,  I don’t know. 

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