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42 x 69 x 23 cm

1 Edgar box totale.jpg

Monday, April 22nd 2024


I will slip away in the dead of the night.

This collar won’t hold me at bay any longer.

The whole situation is dire but anger fueled my will to get out of my plight.

A fellow slender and tall, found me wounded and confused, picked me up, thought to rein me in, got me confined to this barn. Darn !

At night it is spooky in here, the lights are always on

Wind blows in through the window screen, shutters are squeaking and slamming,

the old tree sways, weird shadows on the wall.   I am intimidated by this godforsaken place. 

3  Pully shadow B.jpg
3B shadow tree B.jpg

The little range I was given is just a rope length cleverly rigged with a tell-all bell tied to the end.

I worn the rope out by tugging on it, the bell warning my handler…

4 stuff rope bell Edgar DSC_0957.JPG

This evening I managed to slip out of that choker quietly,

the only thing I have to do now, is just to drop it.  Just drop the collar !

                                                                                    Funny, I am still a bit afraid to do so. 

                    My friend, I assure you, soon I will sneak out. 

Claw Edgar cu.JPG

Good riddance and godspeed Edgar !

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