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This page is a pin board with related work .

images for large prints  

Cooper silver A final 0414 copy.jpg
2 Night Raven with rope.jpg
Golden final Glass Night Raven DSC_0969.jpg
Raven red flags.jpg
Raven gloves 2C DSC_0669.jpg
Broken owl 1 r621 DSC_0031.jpg
Little owl on glove final.jpg
Little owl on book final.jpg
Egrit aura.jpg
Broken owl on boat 2 final.jpg
Owl and blood oranges corr 2.jpg
Owl dress and books corr.jpg
Horned owl still life.jpg
Dr Cooper still life.jpg
Hawk on table 450 0024.jpg
price winning owl corr.jpg
Quaol Queen sm.jpg
Dr Cooper in Ashland.jpg
owl on gloves black frame brick wall.jpg
Transient framed  day studio.jpg
flight  and carrier on brick.jpg
Skink on conqrete wall .jpg
funky frame.jpg
SR rain drops DSC_0105.jpg
fat raven DSC_0788.JPG

Photo boxes. 

A photo from a Box, is combined with another image and placed in a 2"/ 5 cm deep wooden frame. Related material is added, for instance ashes, twine, or even bees.  The photos are printed on metallic paper wich gives an extra luster to the warm golden colors and a silvery quality to all whites.  25" x 17.5" / 64 x 45 cm

03B Quail Queen.jpg
Quail Queen bees shop.JPG
01B Raven on the barrel.jpg
02B Old Sweet Owl.jpg
07B Wing oak appels.jpg
Oakappels detail.JPG


These glasses contain small scenes. Some are centered around a Queen bee box. ( Queen bees are shipped in these small containers).  Some contain an Oriole nest.

Totale wide DSC_0532.jpg
06 Illuminated Bee flight frontDSC_0512.
03 Bee Tower DSC_0537.jpg
04 Bee close up DSC_0519.jpg
05 Illuminated Bee DSC_0511.jpg

Homage to a dead Queen bee.

The Bee man Matt, gave her to me, she hadn't survived the trip to him. He loved to see that she is honored this way, after all she is a Queen. The green dot is for the year 2015

2 close up2 DSC_0091.jpg
just a great fotoDSC_0106.JPG
Queen bee 2.jpg
1 Glass Homage to a dead QB DSC_0087.jpg

Oriole nests, lit from within.

Glass Berit  3 IMG_5916.jpg
Glass oriol nest totale IMG_5934.jpg
Glass Berit IMG_5918.jpg
Glass detail nest IMG_5933.jpg


Many drawings on the wall DSC_0546.JPG
21 Ravens totale DSC_0020.JPG

Details from large drawing  above 


A side step:  Patterns for print on fabric  for  (sheer) curtains.  Wall paper anyone ? 

Andre Vida film 15 vague owl in kaleids.
05-2 nervenet purple rain.jpg
06 nerve starry.jpg
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