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48 x 55 x 31 cm

Night raven total.jpg

Thursday, April 6th. 2023

Excuse me Raven,  I know it is late in the day, may I ask, that rope you are pulling isn’t that too big for you ? No, you say, my dear friend brought this one day for us to play with, I like this rope, it won’t be broken. It is heavy, feels like it weighs a kilo.  Kra-Kraaah-ah-Kilo !!! it weighs…

rope claw Night.jpg

I know you Ravens can make your tools, can this rope catch you something ? 

No, not really.

wings light .jpg

You hold a light between your wings. I like that, does it mean you desire to bring light

into life?   I used to, but I can't right now.

Portrait Night Raven.jpg

Kraaaahah - Hey, it is late, night, night is falling I am worried again, like Sunday I was.

Night falls, I fall every night, I fall in my dreams, in my dreams I can’t fly,  I am cursed. It starts at dusk, just like now, I feel I am falling again. I am worried, I worry.

snapped off tree359.jpg

What happened, are you lost ? 

It is just that my roost, my  tree, snapped off in that last storm,

swooooosh it crashed down. My wings are damaged by that fall. The storm rolled in so sudden and threw me from my perch. Since then I struggle and I hold on to my light,

a light I took from the night sky, you see, I can do that.

light between wings DSC_0383.jpg

I am not just a symbol of loss and forboding, I do also represent prophecy, amongst other qualities. I offer as well protection just like my British brothers in the Tower of London. 

One full moon, a long time ago, I flew out to Trona, to the Trona Pinnacles, it is far from here, there the sky was bejeweled with so many stars that I took one, no one would notice one was missing and since then I hold this precious light with care. I am very protective of it.

 An ill omen has befallen me last December. That Omen, I sensed, was that I have been cursed, condemned you should say. I wasn’t well protected like my British mates, so I got hit, the curse was fulfilled. That storm did me in. Now please, excuse me, will you.

Wind is howling, clouds rolling in again. I will get that rope out and tie myself down 

and survive the storm.

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