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23 x 41 x 14 cm

Kitty totale DSC_0063rs.jpg

January 4th. 2006

Kitty, she is me so very dear…


She clutched, still hopeful, a small wing till the last moment, her soul was so sick…  

Her spirit is fleeting out of her ear and transported away by the bat. 

Far away there is the church, that church when I walked by for what I thought was the last time

(2004) whispered in my ear : Someday you will own this church. Maybe the church placed  a spell on me then. I placed some probes into the church and I will see…

Kitty tub and batDSC_0102rs.jpg
Kitty tub clutching wing DSC_0110 rs.jpg
Kiity church and bat DSC_0087rs.jpg

Exactly 10 years later, on March 14th. 2014, the day a wild fire destroyed the magical canyon,

and some more, the funds where taken in full, for that beloved church. Wonderful.

Sleep assured my dear, you are safe once more.

Kitty face DSC_0118 rs.jpg
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