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Key of Heaven

63 x 61 x 48 cm

December 27th. 2016


Cold and dark times, all tenants are withdrawn in their own space, crushed ceilings. The head master on his high chair is awake. The Raven is still on the attic, he had just caught a shedded snake skin, a symbol for shedding your own life, but his chance, is gone. He has to face himself in the mirror, pick up the sword and dip it in the vial with rattlesnake blood. He has no choice but to inflict a deadly wound to himself. The dark character with his black hooded cape slips out of the back door. He’s done his job. Joseph’s bible is tied off and secures the corner of the building, but cannot be opened by anyone. His other bible is scattered on the roof, held down by an empty glove  holding a wind frazzled flag. A few comets try to fly off but the weights are heavy. Key of heaven - Key of life, many mysteries, it is hard.

Joseph Fedczyna left his toolbox in the tower building. 

The little drawers are lined with green felt, they have a thin metal plate as the bottom. This is a typical Gretsch toolmakers  toolbox I have been told. 

I kept everything in there.

Joseph’s two Bibles, in Polish, were in his toolbox. I found nearby “Key of Heaven”, a prayer book, this belonged to Mary Dzvronik. They very likely lived here, on this property, all built around 1928. This was Pacific Telephone’s long distance voice repeater facility. A station in the middle of nowhere, thus he needed his own toolmaking tools. The station had been automated around 1957. Where they the last people who left ?

Years later this facility became obsolete and all the equipment was removed. The station itself, the 3 family houses and the bunk house woke up again out of it’s slumber in the late 80’s when it was privately bought.  And finally in 2015, I rescued the big tower building from it’s demise and it became the museum.

I live in the grand station since 1998.  Joseph, I take good care of  this place.

(and your toolbox) 

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