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Sulphur and Cadmium

56 x 60 x 33 cm

Sunday,  July 12th. 2020

His wiry dress billowed in flight, sparks were flying when he sailed the skies with high speed.

Every spark and streak meteor like, too many to make a wish for each.

I certainly tried to make as many as I could, all uttered with great confidence.  I was enchanted with this spectacle. My nights were flown in bliss. 

sparks sulphurIMG_7621.jpg

I waited.


One night as I was scouring the skies, almost ready to take my usual flight, a moonless night, 

a soft swoosh at my left, he landed next to me. His big dress swaying softly, like naked branches

in a breeze. Every now and then producing a spark. 

He showed me a little jar, opened it carefully, fingers dipped in to give me a taste.

Let me taste, I’d like to try.

Sulpher cupDSC_0839.jpg
two birds and can.jpg
Claw elsterDSC_0877.jpg
Elster portrait DSC_0857.jpg

He smiled and dropped the little jar, no, not for you my dear.

Sulphur and Cadmium, that is what it is, essential to my life and a little toxic, he said.

Sulphur and Cadmium, in the most beautiful yellows I have seen.



I might taste the yellows some day.

sulpher .JPG
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