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Deaf Raven

29 x 40 x 31 cm

Deaf Raven Totale large rs.jpg

November 2nd. 2013

On a cold night the young raven goes into his room, wanting to determine his future,

he breaks up the Oak galls ...


If a 'worm' is found inside the gall on Michaelmass Day ( 29 sept) then the year will be pleasant and unexceptional. If a spider is found, then it will be a bad year with shortages and ruined crops. If a fly is found inside, then it will be a moderate season and if nothing is found, then serious diseases will occur all that year. (Folklore)


The Oak Galls are all split. Almost all contained nothing. Nevertheless one pearl has been found, and that big one on the floor got securely tied back up. Denying to know.

Oak marble galls on the wall rs.jpg
Glass rs.jpg
Dragonfly caught in Black Widow webbing
Dragonfly close up rs.jpg
Portrait rs.jpg
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