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58 x 40 x 27 cm

Totale Baby Raven.jpg

In May 2015, Kobi and Shiney, our ravens,  built their nest on the North side balcony of the tower. That year they had 3 young. All looked fine, albeit it seemed that one was always in the same spot, moving a wing almost as he was waving to me. His two sibling where already flying.

On the balcony BAby raven DSC01262.jpg

I did climb the tower, and removed one of the ‘window’ boards, and looked straight down in the nest.   The nest had a lot of nylon rope, even bits of an exploded car tire. A big clump of rope, twigs and excrement had tied his right foot up against his leg. Anchored he was.

DSC01271resized .jpg

Hindered by unfortunate tangles, wings scraping the bars of the balcony, he had been fighting for food and attention, he got mine too late. I freed his foot, did he have a chance?  Maybe. His chance came too late. Mother called him: “Come Baby ! It is time to fly”.

He did later that day, one flight straight down. 

BR balconyDSC01278.JPG

That very night, the constellation Corvus ( Raven) stood directly above the Tower at midnight.

This  was a celestial tribute to our  raven, who fell to earth that late afternoon. 

Bound claw Baby Raven DSC_0475.jpg
Baby Raven portrait DSC_0444.jpg
constellation DSC_0530.jpg
Tower Baby raven DSC_0471.jpg

Kobe and Shiney made loud noises upon seeing their fallen young . They were restless during the evening. For a few days they sat with their two young somewhat forlorn on their balcony. Then they  moved to the nearby forest. The following year they built their nest on the East side balcony of the Tower and reared successfully three young. This year they took the West side balcony.

three ravens on balcoy DSC01260.jpg
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