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26 x 74 x 27 cm

Totale raven and dove 1 .jpg

Monday, August 28th. 2022


Ah you, YOU, magnificent Raven,

you lured me in, placed me under your spell 

with your mighty stature and strong will.

Radiant, so radiant you are.

Admired, sensuous, sensitive,

precarious, devoting, doting, precious,

addicted to your might. Almighty in flight.

Sublime, magnetic, prying and proud.

Oh, your all encompassing allure !


I got under your wing.

 Raven looking up 2 ok  DSC_0507.jpg

Raven, for sure you are a character of many myths, I give you that. 

You Corvus Corax, coax and croak your spell somewhere else. 

Top view Abyss.jpg

Your spell became my curse

turned into torment and lament.

Already I am a Mourning Dove,

isn’t that enough?

dove head down.jpg
 belt clasp ok DSC_0481.jpg

I offered you a collar and a belt, 

reign in my uncontrolled desire for flight.

claws holding 2.jpg

Yet look and notice, 

I embolstered my narrow shoulders with an extra pair of wings. 

No Seraphim, not quite so, nonetheless plenty strong. 

portrait belts.jpg

You look away,

infinity you desire for quarry.

Ravenous you are indeed.

Vanity Vanitas.

Do croon your ballad.

Serenade the Song of Songs.

I lament of hope and warning, Jeremiah.

red feet.jpg

Just remember my pretty red feet

made to dance for ever and ever,

after all, these are my little red shoes.

Tell that story again Hans Christian Andersen,

I will listen this time.

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