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Broken owl

41 x 62 x 28 cm

Broken Owl box totale glass .jpg
Broken owl portrait DSC_0598.jpg
Broken owl feathers wing DSC_0603.jpg
Broken owl foot DSC_0602.jpg
Broken owl wing tip.jpg
Broken owl on talbe DSC_0625.jpg

Monday, March 7 th. 2022 

Broken, just so broken I was after that collision.

She found me and picked me up, "I'll take you in and care for you" she whispered.

I certainly lost my ability to fly, lift my head or stand up.  Nevertheless,

she saw in me my strength and my beauty.  

She bathed me, showered me with love,  and gently laid me to rest to recover. 

Of course I never will be the same, but I will find a new way to feel whole again.  

Let me rest, I will rest in peace. 

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