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Dead astronaut

31 x 59 x 27 cm

01 Totale 1 dead astronaut rs.jpg

February 26th. 2008

The dead astronaut is made from a model pilot helmet, his exploded suit is an old rubber sun baked glove. The bird is made of a starling head. In Berlin there was a big wall covered in vines, a flock of starlings lived there.

Every day a falcon came and had his meal, he never completely finished his meal, so I collected a few heads and feet. The body is a hip bone, the arms are the feet of a magpie. It is as if she wears beautiful long evening gloves…Her long legs are the very sharp pins of a Joshua tree. She is clutching a part of wild gourd ball.

There is an old telephone pole on the side, its lines are broken

figure closer up rs.jpg
ball -line rs.jpg
astonaut rs.jpg
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