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The Moth

56 x 27 x 30 cm

Die motte Totale reshoot2.jpg
Die Motte mid reschoot DSC_0070rs.jpg

September 24th. 2011 

Not really a moth, just his behavior is like one. He flew in through this field of antennas, knocking them over, ignoring his own sense, his own instinct. 

And grabbing one of the antennas won't save him either, had he just listened to his own inner one...The snake is watching, cringing by the sight,  he knows what will come of it.

He sees the truth. 

05 snake detail.jpg
04 light object rs.jpg

The light object is made with several magnifying lenses, some television tube parts, 

it's base an ugly trap. Who would have used something like this?  I found the trap outside in the field. Was it Oscar Tar, the old mean and scruffy guy who kept some animals here once? That was before the studio got re-conquered.  I only heard a few stories about Mr. Tarrrrr - could have been him. He was stingy too, he once threw nails on the driveway, so when the owner came to throw him out she would get a flat tire. That  mischievous idea didn't work out.

"Arrrh, a waste of the nails" he told her.

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