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Black and White photography, some from 'the archives' some newly created especially for Edie Meidav's new book in the making. 2021/2022

Edie Meidav book.jpg

Another Love Discourse by Edie Meidav

is published in 2022 by M.I.T press.

The book is illustrated with 22 photos selected from the photos below.

This was a wonderful collaboration, the images were chosen by the author by association of the text and are not literally illustrations.

Some direction was given when a specific object was wished for,

like the white dress, details of lace, a camper and a clay figurine.

Antiek kannetjesm.jpg
Bee man Bee overlay2 sm.jpg
bee white powder sm.jpg

antique tin and glass pitcher                 bee men                                                bees white powder    

blurred tree sm .jpg
bucket with Raven nest twigs sm.jpg
catch of the day sm.jpg

blurred trees                                           bucket with raven nest twigs               catch of the day

Chainsaw and gear sm .jpg
cirle ls wave bw sm.jpg
Darknes mother face overlay bw sm.jpg

chainsaw and climbing gear                  circle wave                                             darkness mother

Gate sm.jpg
Horned owl post bw sm.jpg
kaleidoscopic owl strong contrast sm .jp

gate                                                         horned owl post                                    kaleidoscopic owl

Katinka collapsed roof pool bw sm.jpg
old tree and chainsaw sm.jpg
Owl and blood oranges bw sm.jpg

Katinka collapsed pool roof                  old tree chainsaw gear                         owl and blood oranges

Owl Floating streaks sm.jpg
plank house chair sm.jpg
Pommegr collander2.jpg

owl floating                                             plank house chair                                  pommegranats in collander

                                                                                                                                 with mirror shards and nails

Pommegranate bush sm .jpg
Pool chair after rain sm.jpg
Rabbit foot trap sm.jpg

pommegranate bush                             pool after the rain                                 rabbit foot and trap

Ravens chair sm.jpg
Red flicker feathers bw sm.jpg
rubber gloves sm.jpg

Ravens chair                                            red flicker feathers                                rubber gloves and towel

scare crow sm.jpg
Schneewittchen overlay bw sm.jpg
Thistle and mirror shards bw sm.jpg

scare crow                                               Schneewittchen with overlay               thistle with mirror shards

Stare overlay4 sm.jpg
studio schneewittchen  bw sm.jpg
tool box content bw sm.jpg

Stare with overlay                                   studio Schneewittchen                         tool box content

Tower blue cloud bw sm.jpg
Tumble weed pool sm.jpg
Pool chair jacket r484p69 BW.jpg

tower cloud                                             tumble weed                                         Pool chair jacket

Dress 4 slumped hat high DSC_0489.jpg
windy dress 1.jpg
Dress 3 on the wall DSC_0467.jpg

Dress 4                                                     windy dress                                           Dress 3 on the wall

Dress 6 D layers.jpg
Dress 6 C layers DSC_0502.jpg
dress fabric photo pur DSC_0543.jpg

Dress 6 D layers                                      Dress 6 C layers                                     Dress fabric detail

Pool weed bw DSC_0362.jpg
Pool high noon 2 .jpg
Snow burned field roll569.jpg

Pool weed                                               Pool high noon                                     Snow in burned canyon

Poolship tumbleweed chair.jpg
Poolship chair bw.jpg
wood organized bw.jpg

Poolship chair tumbleweed                  Poolship chair                                        wood organized in shop

Rook 2 in the Mojave hangar .jpg
Spirituality 5.jpg
Raven in the Mojave hangar.jpg

Rook 2 in Mojave hangar                      Spirituality 5                                           Raven in the hangar 

Klee 608DSC_0631.jpg
Spirituality 2B.jpg
2 ravens .jpg

 Wingman                                              Spirituality 2B                                         Two Ravens

2 thistles.jpg
hives fog and snow.jpg
spinsel 1.jpg

2 Thistles                                                Hives in fog on the landing strip          Spinsel 1

spinsel 2.jpg
landscape snow1.jpg
Balloon 4B resized.jpg

Spinsel 2                                                Landscape snow 1                                 Balloon 4B resized

Shadow staircase resized.jpg
Bus clay figure itm Edie 2B scribble.jpg

Straircase shadow  resized                    Bus clay figure 4 scribble 

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