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kormoran totale no bordersm.jpg


17 x 75 x 15 cm 

March 28th 2012

17 cm x 75 cm x 15 deep


This young Kormoran lost her way and stranded in the rabbit weeds. Exhausted she must have been, and her final landing probably wasn't smooth. I found her in her far-gone state. She had lost her feet. I gave her hands (coot feet). 

She clutches a very fine blue nylon thread. The end of this thread fuses with a grass seed. 

She is standing on cups filled with 'beekeeping leftovers '. The bees turned black after they drowned, in bee drink, and all dried out forming a thick layer in the barrel on the landing strip across the road. 


The little bone on the back of her head is floating now as if a spiritual flame.

This very unique and special little bone is a nuchal bone for pushing up a feather comb.

Her resurrection devout... a flag at hand, almost a celebration of hope.

Kormoran Face.jpg
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