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Skink totale 1rs.jpg


53 x 22 x 15 cm

August 24th. 2003


Green skink, model battle ship on a wooden table, miniature headphones and gloved hand holding a tiny airplane on a stick. Airplane material background. 

skink detail2 reshoot DSC_0100 rs.jpg

I am siting in this basement, battling with a battleship. That is my world. I get my notifications by radio, if it moves I’ll swat it. 

skink detail reshoot DSC_0096 rs.jpg

Wait, I fear things I don’t need to fear, it won’t go anywhere. It is all rusty and dusty. 

skink detail 1 DSC_0124 rs.jpg

I think I better let it all be and do something else, wouldn’t you ? I am walking out. 

funny 2 skink rsDSC_0132.jpg
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