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Blind Owl 

82 x 37 x 27 cm

April 18th. 2010  

This is a box you look down into. There she is, sitting in her corner.

Her dress is made of a weather balloon,  that came down right here, all twisted. The orange plastic parachute gave it a soft landing.  The balloon was carrying a Lockheed Martin LMS 5 radiosonde from Marion, Massachussets. It had a note attached:” not a dangerous device, do not sent back. “


radiosonde |ˈrādēōˌsänd|


an instrument carried by balloon or other means to various levels of the atmosphere and transmitting measurements by radio.

ORIGIN 1930s: from radio- (relating to broadcasting) + German Sonde ‘Probe'

The Owl tries to hide the sonde under her skirt. The wires poking out,  still sending signals, although not about the weather anymore.

 I placed her in the drying box filled with salt. Some of that salt became her ‘eyes’ 

 …. salt in your eyes… her head is resting in a orioles nest, what was re-used by finches., adding another soft layer. 

07 Radiosonde.JPG
08 Radio sonde 2.JPG
06 detail skirt.JPG
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