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100 x 52 x 17 cm

Bird carrier totale sm.jpg

November 15th. 2006

Wooden pressed-coal box from Berlin. (Brikettenkiste)

The Raven carrier is made of a doll dressed up in a coverall, belt of a rib section, eyelids formed by sections of a seed, big glass eyes, the tip of his snout is a tiny mouse skull and the transparent helmet is the hood of a toy helicopter.

carrier and bird portrait sm.jpg

He carries the wounded Bird-Jet. This Jet is a modified model of a Tactical Fighter Wing,

an F-111F Raven aircraft. A Raven aircraft can fold its wings. This version is stepped up into the bio-mechanical realm. It has bio-mechanical legs and head, all wired up. Bird wings cover up the aircraft wings. The intravenous mechanical device is a part of a refrigerator. Two model houses, roots and twigs. Hurry up, we are under attack. 

little houses sm.jpg
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