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Nada land 

83 x 42 x 16 cm

Nada land totale rs.jpg

Floating figurine made of a starling head, hipbone, mechanical device, cow horn filled with straw, duck feet. Miniature power line poles with transistors. Wooden tar roofing material on the side. Background is aluminum honeycomb aircraft material.

Nada 2 sm.jpg
Nada crop sm.jpg

August 14th. 2006


Driving through the Mojave Desert, I saw a sign "Nadaland for sale", bare desert land, could be cheap. Nada hovers above this barren land, she appears like a fata morgana. I think of all the people who strung power line cable through this landscape, what a feat. If power just could be wireless. She placed transistors on the power line poles, maybe it works. An extra transistor is placed into the ground as a back up.

power line pole rs.jpg

There is another  sign along the highway which reads:

"If you humble yourself and praise my name I will heal your land."

                                                                      ...I guess they haven't praised Him enough. 

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