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The Egret

26 x 74 x 27 cm

1 Egret totale B1.jpg


Wedensday, December 28th. 2022


This grand house is invaded by this beautiful looking being, an Egret he is. 

He lived at the lake across that big mansion.

We, we lived in the basement, the furnace room. It was early summer we crept up, liberating ourselves, chances taken.

3 Egret portrait.jpg


We, we should have known better, at the end of that late summer;  a hot summer, filled with steaming heat, fruits of passion exploding in highs and bliss lasting for days, bright future ahead filled with trust in ideas and vision. Oh, all the adventures we would have, yes, you would take us flying, together we would cross rivers.

Now we came to our ending, just like that fable of the scorpion and the frog.

We, we should have seen that coming in that faithful summer.


We ascend the gallows, reluctant and hesitant but obeying the faith that has been orchestrated for us.  Your lassitude degraded us to be mere consumables.  Ah yes, consume, take us, devour, lustfully with your craving, anticipating excitement, selfish greed. Go ahead, satisfy yourself. It is so that we gentle beings are actually a treasure,

a delicatesse.   Not to be fried by interlopers who don’t appreciate us. 


We, we with embarrassment we resign, humble, even with shame, but with grace, we bow for this affront, denounced we ascend the gallows.


Your sweet talk in double tongue is what brought us down. Your innocent plumage will not deceit the guilt for your deception. Your white will turn black.  

Your cape black as only you can see. Your shoulders narrow.


The doors are closing.

We ascend the gallows, mortified by it all.


Do, do note that little church up there, a refugium, a paradise, but that basket was explosive and it did just that, just an after glow softly lingering.

We, we should have seen that coming in that unfaithful late summer.


Oh, and that ball, that wonderful world you are about to step away from, you had in your grasp, was a world, a planet for you to create a new constellation with, a dynamic base. But you couldn’t see that, because your vision was narrow,  your shoulders too narrow.

You, you should have seen that in that faithful summer. 


Me, the last one on the ladder, I have an option, and that I will take.  I will take the leap now.

That will leave you hungry, empty, hollow and with regret, you Egret.

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