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totale frontale horned owl.jpg

Horned Owl

26 x 10 x 15 cm

Saturday,  December 26th. 2020

I havn't heard you for a while, I miss you.

Your night song so comforting, your calls so gentle and soft.

Come home dear one, I’ll take you in.


Face horned owl DSC_0048.jpg

I brought some bark from your favorite tree.

Yes indeed, it burnt down this summer in a fierce blaze.

Your flight to the mansion down the road didn’t do you good.

Come on, I’ll take you in.

Tool box content Horned owl DSC_0348.jpg
key DSC_0351.jpg

We have the tools from our old friend Joseph Fedzyna, 

you might remember him from the other place I built,"Key of life".

These tools will give you a chance to build anew a place to hold your court.

work talbe horned owl DSC_0055_01.jpg
Horned owl on the table IMG_7607.jpg

You hesitate,

your calls shifted to a muted wooing, then paused,

and now carefully stowed away.

claws horned owl DSC_0030.jpg

We will keep your sorrowful song deep in our ears.

At night we'll sing it quietly to chase away our fears.

Dear one, you have my love.

Face horned owl close upDSC_0051.jpg
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